Bentley Styling Team Announces the Most Chic Chess Set

Bentley Styling Team might have been really bored when they created the Bentley Chess Set. It is meant for all those ponderous and profound intellectuals who would sit and play chess. I mean, why would anyone want to sit through a game that takes so much of your cognitive resources, when there are other things to do, like go on a shopping spree? Well, some people would brand me shallow. Nevertheless, chess is liked and loved by many, and so is Bentley.

The ones that come in the Venn diagram in this equation would love the Bentley Chess Set that takes inspiration from Bentley automobiles. It is made from cherry wood and comes with Bird’s Eye Maple, Madrona and Burr Walnut veneers. You could also see the signs of Mulsanne and the GT Speed steering wheel. It is available through the Bentley Bespoke Auction which is being used to raise money for the Trust of Prince. The idea behind this trust is to create confidence among disadvantaged youth. The chess set itself looks good, as an art piece,.

It certainly looks chic, luxurious and everything that it has to do to make it to ou5r page. My problem is only with the game, that I am too dumb or bored to understand, or even make an attempt to sit for a minute to understand. Ritalin, please, anyone? You could also take a look at the Bentley stuff we wrote about and the Chess Set that we wrote about. I would say, both are really cool.





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