London West Hollywood Offers a Free Ride in a Zesty Mustang

Deals that make a person stand erect and swoon or drool are the kind that one should grab immediately, just like the one that the London West Hollywood is offering. This fancy hotel is offering a zesty Mustang to use during your stay at this hotel. Usually cars like BMW or Tesla roadster are offered for free rentals, but with this luxury hotel deal it is quite clear that there was a certain category of people whose whims of getting a free ride in a Mustang were not being fulfilled.

You must go for ‘Topless in L.A.’ if you are planning to stay in the London West Hollywood, do not get any lurid ideas, as that is the name of the deal. You will have the liberty to take this Mustang anywhere, but it should not exceed 150 miles per day. There is another expense that you would not have considered, your car’s parking fee, which will not be included in the package. The package only covers a free breakfast at the famous Boxwood Cafe Breakfast Table and as you know that there is nothing called ‘free lunch’, you will have to pay for the rest of the meals. Coming back the the most attracting part of the deal, they have set another criteria that one has to meet in order to lay hands on this glamourous car, one has to be 25 or older to avail the benefits of this deal and by benefits I mean ‘laying hands on Mustang’.

The ‘Topless in L.A.’ can be availed from 1st September to 31st October, and in case you are doubting the genuineness of this offer I must tell you, it has already been tested and it works! The rent for a 750 square-foot suit ranges from $300 to $350 depending upon the taxes.

Via: L.A. Times

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