Presenting The Ultimate In Personal Fitness, The Egg Shaped CVAC Pod

We have all been managing our personal fitness routines with a plethora of exercises and dietary regimens that are aimed at keeping us fit and in shape. However, some of the most world renowned professional athletes such as the likes of Novak Djokovic take the help of a rather astonishing piece of tech called the CVAC Pod to keep their fitness levels in check. This remarkable machine is essentially pressure chamber and costs a whopping $75,000, designed and developed by a California based company, CVAC Systems. The CVAC Pod is one of the very fitness machines that have been legalized by numerous sports governing bodies and is one of only 20 in use around the globe.

This cutting edge fitness machine operates by simulating high altitude pressure conditions and then compress the muscles of the occupant at rhythmic intervals. CVAC Systems recommends this machine especially for athletes and has stated that by spending just 20 minutes, three times a week can have significant impact on the athletic performance. The CVAC Pod enhances the  oxygen-rich red-blood cells by improving blood circulation and also removes unwanted lactic acid. Furthermore, it is speculated that the CVAC Pod might also be able to raise the levels of mitochondrial biogenesis and stem-cell production.

The CVAC Pod is a one of a kind fitness workstation and the device which resembles an egg works on the principles of high altitude and cyclic compression, where in the machine has been designed to control pressure, temperature and air density as per required. One of these state of the art fitness pods is kept at the fitness room of Gordon Uehling III, tennis player who at one time was ranked at no. 925 on the ATP Tour in the year 2001. Mr. Uehling III is currently the owner of a tennis school called CourtSense in New Jersey and in his estate he is also known to have four outdoor courts, as well as an artificial lake.

Via Wall Street Journal

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