Elecom Presents Kandenchi, A Battery-Shaped Wireless Mouse

There is no getting away from the computer mouse. The laptop touchpad may have reduced its reach to a certain extent, but the computer mouse continues to rule. This partly explains the rise of the designer mouse. Users who are looking to introduce some style to their dull as nails workstations often go shopping for a designer mouse. An interesting mouse can really boost the cool quotient of a given workspace.

A few years ago, the large SpacePilot Pro Mouse had taken our breath away with its jet plane glamour. Then there was the pen drive-sized Crystal Lipstick Mouse. The latest from the designer mouse world is the “kandenchi”. Produced by Japanese accessory maker Elecom, this is a wireless mouse with a cool battery-like shape.

Elecom collaborated with Tokyo-based design firm nendo to create this 2.4 GHz designer mouse. The kandenchi includes a USB plug that gets inserted into your PC or laptop and enables you to work wirelessly.

Yet, despite the unique shape, the kandenchi is really a reworking of the traditional three-button mouse. The little circular section at the top is the right click button. Down the side of this little cylindrical device are two horizontal buttons. The upper one is the left click button; the one below it is the wheel or scroll.

This sleek beauty is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. The designer battery-shaped mouse will be available in Japan starting October 2011. Specialized online stores like Geek Stuff 4 U should also be stocking these little $65 gadgets.

Via: Tech Crunch

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