Geeky Crystal Lipstick Mouse Is Not Really Upscale and Chic

Here is something that the new age geeky woman could carry: The Crystal Lipstick Mouse. While it does look quite attractive, I doubt any self-respecting and fashionable woman would want to carry a mouse that looks like a lipstick. It poses two serious threats: people might think you are so geeky that you need a mouse all the time, even when you apply make-up.

Secondly, your geeky friends might think you are so vain that you need a lipstick all the time to dab a fresh coat. Either ways, I don’t think it is a great idea to go and get something like this. The Crystal Lipstick Mouse strangely does not even have any lipstick in it, and is simply a dry gadget. It costs $19, and is kitschy, and geeky.

It comes with genuine Swarovski crystals and connects to your PC or laptop via wireless. Once you charge it, the lithium ion battery lasts for a really long time. Moreover, it only comes with Japanese instructions and thus if something goes wrong, you can’t really try and get it alright. You could get the Crystal Lipstick Mouse in black, white and pink colours.

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