0% Umbrella is Camouflaged as a Wine Bottle to Make it Stylish to Carry

Generally people don’t like carrying an umbrella around but it becomes a necessity when you want to stay dry in a downpour. So designers have been putting their creative mind to develop umbrellas into some kind of a style accessory. There have been various experiments like ecological umbrella and cloud umbrella and attempts and one must admit that some of them have been rather successful in transforming a lowly umbrella into a stylish accessory. The latest in that line has a rather unusual name Ofess 0% umbrella that has been developed and made available by Rakuten.

It has been given a shape through its case that you would love to carry around and you might even be able to fool some people that you are actually carrying a bottle of wine and not an umbrella. Yes, the 0% umbrella has been camouflaged as a bottle of wine. When you fold the umbrella and put it in its case, it looks exactly like a bottle of some fancy wine. And when you take it out of the case and unfurl it becomes a normal umbrella that protects you from the rain and sun.

The only downside is that you are left holding the case when you take the umbrella out to actually use it. You hold the handle which looks like the neck of the bottle. The upside is that the case provides a place to store a wet umbrella so it doesn’t drip everywhere. The unique umbrella is available on the Rakuten Global Market site. It is available in a variety of colors and vintages. The popular opinion is that the 1988 vintage is the best for umbrellas. The price of the 0% umbrella is $36 only.

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