Let Your Umbrellas Water Your Plants!

This is one way of rainwater trapping that you would not have possibly thought of! Collecting droplets of rainwater on your umbrella has never occurred to any of us, but apparently these droplets can successfully provide uninterrupted nourishment to the plants on your porch.

Generally we never bother to collect the tiny rain drops on our umbrellas, but come to think of it, these droplets can be as useful as the water from a rainwater collecting tank. How thoughtful it was of the person who picked up on this trivial wastage of water and enlightened us with this wonderful method! From the looks of it, I would not call it a complete disaster; after all you can grow plants without having to water them!

The long cylindrical vase is meant for holding the umbrella, it is also provided with a foam lining on its inner side to wipe off the droplets from the umbrella. At the bottom you can grow plants or have your pets slurp the rainwater, what ever pleases you! Besides, no one has ever bothered to buy an umbrella stand, but now at least people can consider buying this ecological umbrella holder.

via: slipperybrick

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