Squid London Hydro-chromatic Umbrella: It Changes Colour When Wet

It changes colour, and is not a chameleon. It is an umbrella! Rains bring with them rains designer raincoats, designer umbrellas and headgears that flood market shelves. But somehow black and umbrellas have always gone synonymous with each other despite design variations.

While umbrellas, the most basic equipment against rains, have undergone a great deal of experimenting and colour additions in the recent years, a UK-based firm has turned innovative, ahead of time among umbrella designers. Squid London’s limited edition collection of umbrellas got sold out recently. Reason: their offering on umbrellas was incredible. For, they brought forth umbrellas that had hydrochromatic inks, which literally means, colours that react when touched by water. Which means, rain drops prove their magic touché when they hit the umbrella, turning the umbrella colourful, almost rainbow like.

The otherwise insipid piece can turn out to be a fashion statement, cause excitement in the showers, when water touches it. The limited edition umbrellas by Squid London could well become the statement of elan among those who can afford them. It’s a product with immense mass market potential. On the design front too, it offers a lot of scope for innovation.


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