Vuzix Wrap 1200 has 3D Displays Built into the Glasses

The research and development to improve the digital picture quality is always going on and we keep getting fantastic results in the form of higher pixels with greater sharpness and clarity. But it is the 3D image that makes the picture lifelike and there have been major developments in the field in the recent past. The technology has become quite refined now and it has opened the scope for designers who would like to incorporate the thrilling technology into their products. The results as one can expect are bound to be interesting and thrilling for the users and viewers.

Vuzix, as is their wont, has taken the lead and created their Wrap 1200 and incorporated a pair of displays directly to the glasses. The tiny display monitor screen simulates an incredible 75 inch 3D screen. The 852 x 480-pixel monitors display native 16:9 content on the three-ounce specs. The system is compatible with diverse technologies and allows you to plug in to a variety of content. The only drawback with Wrap 1200 is that there is no HDMI support available.

However, the display supports side by side and anaglyph 3D. In fact we would like to clarify the misconception that Vuzix Wrap 1200 only supports anaglyph 3D. The user is always free to revert back to 2D content if you don’t have the content you want to watch in 3D. The Wrap 1200 comes with rechargeable AA batteries that can sustain three hours of playback. If you substitute them with lithium ion batteries you may use the system for up to seven hours. The Vuzix Wrap 1200 has been priced at $500.

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