World’s Most Expensive Car Spa Costs £10,000

If you were tired of getting the same old hair spa done, and wanted to do something different, you could treat your car to a ‘Auto Spa’. It makes use of nano technology and takes almost a week to service your car. The resulting bill would leave you poorer by £10,000 and the best part apparently is that no human finger ever touches the car, and only nanotechnology is used. I say, what’s so bad about the human finger? What is so luxurious about your car not having been touched by a human? This is the world’s most expensive car wash.

Anyway, you would end up driving your car on the streets and letting drunks sit and puke at the back of your car. The service is meant for cars like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maseratis, Lamborghini and Jaguars. These services are given to British nationals in Dubai, who are the primary clientele. Monza ultimate detailing and Protection Company is one of the few companies in the world which allow such luxurious treatment of cars and their looks.

I really do not understand why one has to spend 10,000 pounds just to get your car washed. Of course, it is nice to see your car shining and gleaming, but spending 10K on a car wash seems to be a little stupid and certainly not ‘luxurious’. One can actually sell anything on earth in the name of luxury these days! I would say, go to a cutie at a gas station, and he would wash your car and get wet himself, and you could check his butt when he washes your car. ‘Untouched by human fingers’, my sweet butt.

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