The Most Expensive Car Wash: For the Insanely Extravagant

Some people can get awfully crazy when it comes to spending money. In fact, the idea of spending money might be to go to one of those stuffy and pretentious aristocratic clubs to brag about how much money you spend on thing, just to prove that you are very rich. If you belong to that annoying group, you could take a look at the world’s most expensive car wash which would start at 7,200 pounds.

Another scam to make you cough up your hard earned money, Gurcharn Sahota, 30 has come up with this bone crushing, day-light robbery style car wash. He uses an array of 100 cleaning vehicles and the wax itself would cost 8,200 pounds per tub. It requires 250 hours to clean each vehicle. He apparently cleaned his neighbours and his dad’s car for free for he loved washing cars a lot.

However, he seems to have decided to take his revenge for not getting paid when he was a kid by looting strangers who have lost their minds, by asking them to pay a horrendous 7,200 pounds per car wash. I must agree, abusing a child or exploiting a child can lead to serious delinquent behaviours. However at 30, Gurcharn is too old to be considered a delinquent and it sounds almost like a crime to me to charge 7,200 pounds for a car wash.

Via: Telegraph/Daily Mail

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