Porsche Introduces Two Comfort, Style & Safety Intensive Bikes For The Health Conscious

One of the foremost names in luxury sports cars, the legendary German auto manufacturer, Porsche, has now introduced two new bikes for the health conscious customers who do not mind spending top dollars for high end bikes. The Sport(S) and Rennsport(RS) bikes have been designed and developed to provide the riders with the best of Porsche designing as well as uncompromised style, comfort and safety. Porsche is the third automobile giant after McLaren and Audi to have introduced gorgeous bikes that carry the distinctive Porsche design signature. Both the Sport(S) and Rennsport(RS) bikes have been given monocoque frames as well as hydraulic brakes to ensure durability and maximum safety.

The Porsche Rennsport(RS) bike features 29 inch Chrank Brothers wheels that have been developed with geometric curvatures that will provide the wheels with enhanced grip and stability. Even with the bikes, Porsche hasn’t given up on one aspect for which the company is most famous for, ‘Speed’. The RS bike comes with a 20 speed gearbox that has been fused with utmost precision into the bike’s carbon fiber frame, weighing at just 9 kgs. On to the next model in the Porsche bikes series, the Porsche Sport(S) bike has been manufactured in Aluminum 7500 grade metal, thereby making the bike slightly heavier than Rennsport(RS), weighing in at 12 kgs. The wheels of the Sport(S) are from the DT Swiss line with similar engineering as featured in the other model, while the Sport(S) comes with an eleven speed gear box. The Sport(S) and Rennsport(S) will be available for purchase from Autumn 2011 and will be introduced in three sizes namely, small, medium and large. Porsche Sport(S) will carry a price tag of $4748, while the Rennsport(S) will cost $ $8485.

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