Veneridesign Studio Create a Lamp in the Shape of a Mushroom Cloud

Sometimes an idea remains just an idea because there is no technology available to convert it into reality. But that is not the case with the Nuke Lamp that is shaped exactly like a mushroom cloud. It has been created by Veneridesign Studio. Luca Veneri, founder of the studio had this idea and set about getting the right technology to make it into a reality. Luca first used state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies to design the lamp to get the shape perfect. 3D printers have become very popular because you can print practically anything and for any reason.

The Nuke lamp was printed out of some sort of flexible white plastic. The lamp is almost a foot tall and the plastic body of the lamp is supported by a stand to keep it upright. The light assembly inside comes as a separate piece and is shipped separately in another package. The lamp is available exclusively at Shapeways. An orange light bulb inside will really make it look like the real thing. But if you are the imaginative type the lamp could look a bit like cauliflower or a completely frozen tree.

No doubt the Veneridesign Studio’s lamp is a cool lamp and is sure to become a conversation piece. But the exclusive design is not for everyone as it has been priced rather high for a lamp at $1,495. Veneridesign Studio is known primarily for their high-end furniture, yacht and industrial design and with this lamp also it is their innovative use real fluid dynamic simulations that has created the mushroom cloud’s unique shape and made the lamp so special and exclusive.

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