Jean Nouvel Creates the Martell Amber Lamp for the Cognac House

Martell is a world renowned cognac house. There is something very fine, almost artistic about the way they age their wine. It is their artistic temperament that has led to their association with several artists of fame, over the years. Martell has a long history of working with artists and architects such as Serge Mansau, Paul Andreu and Andrée Putman. Their most recent artistic association is with an architect, Jean Nouvel ,who has designed the Martell Amber Lamp.

Jean Nouvel has designed the lamp as a tribute to the world renowned cognac house. It is a work of art by Jean Nouvel. He has talked about the design of the lamp at great length. He said that the idea and the motivation behind the design was to express the warm, deep, amber burst of Martell cognac. He said that his aim while creating the lamp was to fascinate the eye by suggesting the many different interpretations of the lamp.

Martell has decided to produce 50 of Martell Amber Lamps. It will not be made for sale or for gifting it away to individuals but will be put up for display at select locations across the globe. Apart from some of the premises owned by Martell would be seen at some of the finest art galleries and even museums.

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