Award-Winning Flux Chairs Are Stylish Foldable Loungers

They are young, colorful and hip. You can even fold and put them away when not in use. The new Flux Chair is designed to add a new dimension to any contemporary home, without taking up too much space. If you do not mind the slightly space age (though very stylish) appearance, the Flux Chair could be a valuable addition to your home.

This luxury lounger is crafted out of polypropylene and it already has an award to its name. Flux Chair picked up the United Kingdom’s Grand Designs Product of the Year Award this year. When you get it home, the Flux Chair does not look like a chair at all. Rather, it resembles a rather large envelope with a handle. Once you unfold it, the envelope quickly metamorphoses into a classy and new age designer lounger.

These Flux Chairs are available in eight colors. There is a basic black and white. But who can resist the happy yellows and oranges and the bright reds? If you have been planning to add some color to your house, hold off buying those cushions. These designer loungers may be just what you need. Moreover, these folding chairs come with specially designed seating pads. These are available in four different colors. So buyers have the freedom to go wild with these bright happy color combinations.

This next-gen piece of furniture from Flux measures 0.6 inches x 33.5 inches x 30.3 inches in its folded state. Once it is folded out to form a chair, this luxury lounger measures 25.2 inches x 24.4 inches x 33.5 inches. These luxury chairs cost £129 while the cushions come for £35 apiece.

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