The Mini Cooper Car Inspires An Entertainment Chair

This one is for the boys. Designer David Gawthorpe has taken the classic Mini Cooper car as his inspiration while creating a unique chair that is sure to have the men drooling. And maybe some of the ladies as well. Gawthorpe has designed an entertainment chair that bears a striking resemblance to the front of a Mini Cooper car.  At first glance, you may be forgiven for mistaking this to be a part of a real Mini Cooper, but then you lift the bonnet and voila! Under that hood is a bevy of luxury gadgets. And there is a chilled beer dispenser as well. Does it get any better?

Actually it does. The Mini Cooper chair comes fitted with strobe and laser lights, plus a game console. There is also stereo sound and a smoke machine. The alloy wheels double up as extra seats cum sound amplifiers. Moreover, fans of The Italian Job can turn this chair into a rocky road simulator. Yes, this chair with the glossy black finish and chrome parts is all about entertainment.

Gawthorpe recently took part in a reality TV show, following which his chair has been snapped up by an entrepreneur who will be retailing it from his store Pimlico for about £8,000. Kindly consult the designer for its price.

The designer, who has been working as a car repairer, plans to now hang up the spray gun and focus his attention on producing his Mini Cooper entertainment chair on a commercial level. Currently, only the prototype exists, but as Gawthorpe gets to work on the chair, all that could quickly change.


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