I’m Watch is the most Versatile Android Based Smartphone

Watch in a phone is a normal feature now but experiments of phone in a watch have not been very successful. The latest experiment in this field comes from Italy in the form of the I’m Watch and looks very promising. Designed and assembled in Italy the watch functions like a smartphone on your wrist. The watch is wireless Bluetooth enabled and it works with the Android phone and the iPhone4. The watch will become compatible with Blackberry by January 2012.

The I’m Watch is designed to receive and send phone calls primarily but at the same time can receive and send e-mails, instant messages, text messages, stores addresses, photos, receive Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare notifications, check stocks, read the news and a lot more. The exterior look of the watch is also very bright and fun. There are two distinct lines, one being the color collection with fun, bright colors like White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Light Blue and Pink and other being the Jewel collection with watches made in gold or titanium with diamonds. Both the collections are available for pre order.

The watch can be set in both analogue and digital format. It displays the name and number of a caller while receiving a call leaving your smartphone silent. You can choose to take the call or decline it. For making calls you can dial a number or go to the address book and simply touch a name. You can activate the speakerphone and talk hands free. It gets you the text message preview. You can actually check the message like you do for checking the time. You can check the weather forecast on the watch. The watch can receive notifications from social networking sites. There are many more apps that can be downloaded to add more functions to the versatile watch. You may even develop your own app to add more functions. There is no limit to the capacities of this smartwatch.


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