Tag Heuer Luxury Smartphone Has Unmatched Endurance

Would you like to replace your plastic android smart phones, and use a luxury Swiss phone, which is the joint venture of Tag Heuer and Meridiist? Those who are obsessed with expensive phones definitely would be curious to check out the Link Phone Creation.

The Swiss watch Company Tag Heuer, has announced the first Swiss luxurious compact, ultra modern multi functional device. The TAG Heuer LINK is handcrafted and is the first luxury smart phone with unique features. This luxurious, technically sophisticated mobile phone is a joint venture. This happens to be the first Swiss luxury touchscreen smart phone, aand has a high impact resistant compared to the other phones. Tag Heuer tries to justify and appeal by giving its standard and quality in detail such as it is waterproof, corrode resistant, air sealed, shock resistant. The device involves a lot of details.  The device will come in three varieties, steel, titanium, and18k rose gold, which are trimmed by alligator skin, leather or rubber. Link Phone, on the side, has a crown which houses charging point, memory card, and SIM card.

The luxury Smartphone is android powered,  has 5 megapixel autofocus camera, 1400 mAh battery, an 8GB memory card, 256MB internal memory, 3.5-inch (800 x 480) display and EDGE / HSUPA connectivity. Tag Heuer claims to have carried out tests for endurance, insulation corrode, shock impact etc., scientifically and precisely to justify its high quality functional performance, with exact precision of components similar to watch making technology. TAG Heuer LINK  is highly recommendable for sports persons, business executives, doctors, diplomats etc., as it opens with lighting speed, instantaneous messages which has unparalleled connectivity and access. Tag Heuer Phone is priced around $5,000.00

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