Donald Trump Builds 70-Storey Luxury Hotel In Panama City, The Tallest In Latin America

American business tycoon Donald Trump has ventured into Panama City to inaugurate the region’s tallest high-rise – the 70-storey Trump Ocean Club is 284-meters tall. This soaring high-rise is designed to meet the modern luxury travel needs of a new generation of travelers. The new luxury hotel is set to become the new important landmarks of Panama City, boosting travel to the region for both business and leisure.

Designed by Columbian architecture firm Arias Serna, the Trump Ocean Club is part of efforts to exploit the rich tourism, business and real estate potential of Panama City. With 47 suites, 37 elevators, a casino, a marina, a spa as well as an island with a private beach, the Trump Ocean Club epitomizes the best of luxury travel. Yet, this luxury resort evokes a feel of understated luxury.

The Trump Ocean Club building bears resemblances to the Bahrain World Trade Center in the Middle East. The is mainly because of the sail-shaped architecture, though the Trump Ocean Club’s curved exterior offers contrast to the straight lines of the Bahrain building. The Trump building also has similarities with other buildings of its class such as the Trump International Hotel and the famous Tower Dubai.

The Trump Ocean Club has taken over as the tallest building in Latin America. The second and third tallest buildings also stand within Panama City. These are The Point, which is a 67-storey building that soars to heights of 266 meters, and Ocean Two, which stands at about 20 meters less.

Several wealthy buyers have already purchased the luxury residences at the Trump Ocean Club for anywhere between $250,000 and $1 million. And only seriously well-heeled travelers can afford rates of $300 and upwards for the rooms at this luxury hotel. Guests at the luxury hotel get butler service and access to the seafront pool and the rooftop 900-square-meter terrace. The Trump Ocean Club also caters to business travelers. The 4,200-square-meter convention center offers ample space for business gatherings and seminars.

Trump apparently pumped in some $430 million to build this Panama City tower. The Trump Ocean Club currently has a thousand employees. This building marks Trump’s first foreign venture into hospitality and real estate.

Recently, Trump opened a can of worms when he complained to a news channel that the United States had given up control of the Panama Canal “in exchange for nothing”. In Panama, this interview may have brought him a lot of criticism. However, it seems Panama’s political leadership is overlooking Trump’s comments in view of the huge investments he was making in the city.

Ricardo Martinelli, the President of Panama, appeared to have forgiven the 64-year-old tycoon’s comments when he thanked him for coming to and investing in Panama. Martinelli described the Trump Ocean Club as “one of the most important and beautiful buildings”, predicting that it would feature on many postcards.

Also in the offing for Trump is a property in Toronto, Canada. There is also talk of Trump building a golf resort in Scotland. The American tycoon is eyeing Menie estate, near Aberdeen, to build his golf course. He already owns four courses within the United States.

Via: Daily Mail

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