Donald Trump Gets a New $100 Million Jet for Himself

A private jet is a private jet. Right? Wrong, if you are a Donald Trump. Any private jet will not do, it has to be the $100 million private jet that recently landed at New York’s LaGuardia Airport for the first time. It is a Boeing 757 and it is not even a new aircraft but a used plane bought from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen a few months back. During this period the interior of the jet has been redone completely. It has been refurbished luxuriously in the typical Donald Trump style.

Every nook and corner of the plane screams luxury now. Before flying off to Washington from New York, the real estate mogul allowed the NY Post the first look at his new ride. The jet has been completely reorganized and it now features a private bedroom with a huge, flat-screen TV and a work desk. Two separate closet spaces has been created in the bedroom, one for Mr. Trump and the other one for his wife Melania. The private bathroom attached to the bedroom is even more luxurious. It comes with a circular shower and gold plated sink and faucets.

The jet is fit for the royals. The main cabin area is very tastefully done. The side walls of the area has refinished wood paneling and the ceiling has been done in suede. The cream colored couches have been so installed that they give you the feeling of space and comfort. You can see many more luxurious touches in details. The seat belt buckles boast of gold leaf detailing. The redesigned jet provides seating for 43 people in luxurious comfort. As with everything else that Donald Trump possesses the jet has also been festooned throughout with the Trump name and family crest. In every way it is very much a Donald Trump jet now.


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