Ospina Dynasty Coffee Costs $750 for a 5 Pound Bag

Ospina Coffee Co.’s latest blend, Ospina Dynasty Coffee is one of the most exclusive coffees around. It makes you want to rethink about how excusive humble coffee could get. In fact, we have heard about tea that is grown in exotic places costing millions for a bag, but coffee still as to catch up.

However, this time around, the Ospina Coffee Co.’s latest blend, Ospina Dynasty Coffee seems to take all the attention possible from coffee lovers. A 5 pound bag could cost more than $750, and that is quite a lot for coffee if you asked me. The Charlotte, N.C.–based company surely knows that when a certain type of coffee goes under rigorous process, it should also be given a suitable price tag. With that in mind, the Ospina Dynasty Coffee, Premier Grand Cru, Grand Reserve is given a high price tag. The coffee is limited to just 100 pounds a year and now the company has decided to release the limited edition coffee to celebrate the 175th anniversary.

Ospina Dynasty Coffee is grown on trees that grow above 7500 feet above sea level. A pound of classic Italian roast of this coffee needs about 5 trees to be processed and the beans are then handpicked, washed, fermented, sun dried, and stored. The soaking takes place in rare oak barrels which in the end give out an exuberant, jasmine like aroma. The nutty, velvety and full-bodied flavour reminds you of something that is more carnal and phallic in nature. Especially the nuts that hang below the shaft if you have ever tasted that cream. Now, you could also taste flavours of chestnut, caramel, chocolate, blackberry, and blueberry in the coffee. go ahead, and grab a pound of it! Do check out this coffee table!

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