A $350,000 Triceratops Sculpture That Snarls And Stomps Its Feet

This is the closest you will ever get to owning a pet dinosaur. Moneyed dinosaur enthusiasts now have the opportunity to purchase a triceratops sculpture that does a lot more than stand imposingly still in the backyard. This triceratops comes with various functions. Think of it as an extra-large toy that can open and close its mouth, move its head, stomp its feet and let out a menacing snarl. Last year, we could not get over the T-Rex version of the iPhone 4 from Stuart Hughes, but this dinosaur sculpture is something else altogether.

Polyeurethane foam and textured silicon cover the steel and aluminum frame of this dinosaur replica. 1000-watt integrated speakers help reproduce this triceratops’ cry to the best effect. The robot animal can also spot onlookers, thanks to motion sensors with pneumatic and air activated cameras that detect movements within the immediate area.

Special patented software combined with the built-in computing system add a further technological sophistication to this modern dinosaur for the ultra-rich. Only the ultra-rich can afford the imposing sculpture that measures in at a width of 8 feet, a length of 20 feet and a height of 6 feet. The price tag for this Jurassic Age beauty is a whopping $350,000.

It is not that the imposing price could deter the super-rich for making this kind of an extravagant purchase. When you have the space and that kind of money to spare, an animatronic triceratops appears to be a terrific indulgence buy. Even Nicholas Cage spent $276,000 on a dinosaur skull. So there clearly is a niche audience for this kind of product.

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