Toilet Covered in Swarovski Crystals for $25,000

Swarovski crystals have been consistently used to embellish, adorn, enhance or to add bling to practically anything. You can see the crystal on any of the popular gadgets and household appliances that you use every day. The Swarovski crystals have the ability to add spark and glitter to anything and everything. The easiest thing to do is to cover the entire surface of a product with Swarovski crystals. It does seem to be over the top but makes life easier for the designer as the final result depends on the craftsmanship of the people responsible for setting the stones.
There have been many absurd examples of Swarovski covered products but the new Swarovski Toilet takes the cake. It really is the height of frivolity. It is obviously targeted at those who can literally flush a lot of cash down the drain. With a price tag of $25,000 it won’t fit the derriere, rather pocket of the common man. The designer or the producer has not been able to highlight how the crystals add to the toilet experience if you are willing to splurge $25,000 on the crystal toilet.

West Palm Beach, a Florida based company has been responsible of creating the Swarovski Toilet. They have named it Let’s Crystal It and one must admit that it is an appropriate name as 10,000 Swarovski Crystals have been embedded on the toilet. The toilet is unabashedly extravagant. According to the manufacturers, three expert craftsmen were employed in the process of encrusting the toiled with precious, glittering crystals. The process was painstaking and could be completed over days. If you are determined to make your home the most opulent then this toilet with fit into your scheme of things.

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