INAX’s New Self-Cleaning Toilets Cost $7,350 Apiece

It is a toilet, but unlike anything you have ever seen before. I mean, from time to time, we do see the arrival of luxury toilets like the smart Toilet Numi from Kohler. Then there is the super-blingy Swarovski crystals toilet that costs a staggering $25,000. But the whole idea of transformative toilets from Japanese company INAX is taking the humble toilet to new heights.

INAX’s new integrated Regio and Satis toilets had their US debut this summer. The idea behind the new toilets is that they provide users with a spa-like experience. What that means is that these toilets come with LED lighting fitted into the bowl and the foot and the seats are heated. Plus, as soon as you raise the lid, the luxury toilet plays your favourite song. If that seems like magic, there is more.

When the toilet is in use, the dual-power deodorizers swing into action. Two spray nozzles provide jet out temperature controlled water for cleansing. And the most cutting edge quality of this futuristic luxury toilet is the air-driven “Silent Stream Flushing System”. As the name suggests, this is a silent flush. Following the flushing, as air purifier gets into action and refreshes the room with a light fragrance. The toilets are built of an antibacterial enamel known as the Hyper Clean system. This aids cleaning by reducing the growth of bacteria or mildew.

The Satis toilets are available in white only and are priced at $4,800. The costlier Regis version is built in white and black versions, which retail for $5,900 and $7,350 respectively.

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