Kohler Creates the Smart Toilet Numi to Bring Back Luxury into Toilet

A toilet is something you don’t compromise with normally. You want all, the quality, comfort and hygiene. You don’t mind paying that extra bit if get a product that combines the three quality effectively. Kohler seems to have done just that. Their Numi ‘smart toilet’ is set to debut at the end of the month. The new design raises the bar and brings a new level of luxury to the toilet. It’s a porcelain throne fit for a queen. The features incorporated in the smart toilets are simply remarkable. There are motion sensors that open and close the lid as you go near the pot to use it.

There is much more to the smart toilet including embedded deodorizers, a heated seat and foot warming system and even built-in speakers with pre-programmed radio stations. And for user convenience the whole thing is controlled by a detachable remote. David Kohler, President and Chief Executive of the company calls it a fashion statement for a home. He is confident that it will definitely appeal to those who want the best for their homes both in terms of design and technology. He is happy that luxury is making a comeback to the toilets and the trend is not limited to the US markets alone but is very much a global trend.

Kohler took five years in developing the smart toilet. It is a perfect combination of design, technology and engineering and is the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. Called the Numi toilet it uses modern technology for unmatched water efficiency. If you decide to go for the best, you must be willing to pay and the Numi will cost you $6,300. It claims to be one of the best but it definitely not the priciest. Hang Fung Gold Technology created a 24-carat gold toilet in Japan that cost around $37 million.

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