1921 3-liter Bentley: The World’s First Ever Production Bentley To Go Under The Hammer In August 2011

One of the foremost names in luxury cars, Bentley that had taken the world of automobile by storm last year with the introduction of its $313,500, Bentley Mulsanne, is now once again in the spotlight and this time for its vintage heritage. Now, Gooding & Company, a premier auction house in California has announced that come August 2011, it will be putting an iconic 1921 3-liter Bentley, the world’s first ever production Bentley up for auction at the Pebble Beach auction. This incredible piece of automobile history dates back to the pre-second world war era and is said to be in excellent condition, considering the timeline of the car itself. Bentley has long been associated with opulent luxury and has been the inspiration for a plethora of products, including the startling Breitling for Bentley collection.

The 1921 3-liter Bentley was part of a racing legacy that stretched throughout the 1940s, when the car was in the hands of several English owners, who were oblivious to the vehicle’s remarkable history. At the end of 1940, the automobile world was finally apprised of the glorious history of this gorgeous car and the 1921 3-liter Bentley was immediately recognized by the Bentley Drivers Club. The car was later put through an extensive restoration process by an American Bentley collector, who  chose to keep the essential parts such as the  original body, engine and gearbox of the vehicle. This one of a kind Bentley is currently owned by, Thurston Twigg-Smith Jr. who had presented the vehicle in numerous  club events and tours and is now looking to fulfill his passion for Rolls Royce models. The 1921 3-liter Bentley is expected to fetch an amount in excess of $250,000.

Via New York Times

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