Counterfeit Products Can Actually Help Luxury Brands Like Prada

It is always said that fake products hurt the real company a lot and that they lose a lot of market. If you go to any of the black markets or one of those glitzy night markets, you would see any number of Prada handbags or even Gucci sunglasses priced very low. Of course, they are as fake as your teeth that you just got replaced.

However, the question remains whether these counterfeit products harm the real company like Prada, or actually help them by offering a twisted sort of advertisement for free! For instance, New York City councilwoman Margaret Chin is planning to ban all counterfeit products, and even carrying them would be a crime. However, many analysts choose to believe that if you see a fake Prada bag, you are more likely to buy the real one gradually when you have more money, for you know that the real deal is always better.

Thus, the fake goods that is sold at the cheap markets and companies like Prada and Gucci who have been fighting difficult battles against these street-smart fake product dealers may actually have a lot to gain. These fake products offer free advertisements in the form of logos, brand name and also build a sort of status for the real company that the young people would be able to purchase them when they eventually get rich. Thus, Prada could actually get more benefits than misery from fake companies. So go ahead, and grab a fake product, but also do remember to buy the real later.

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