Luxury Beach Lounger Lets you Stare at Hot Bods on the Surf

If you were looking for some cuties bathing in the sun, hurry up and strap up your shoulder with lounger, if you are not interested, let us go to poolside concert. I think the lounge with the umbrella shade doubles our fun and enjoy the warm weather at last!  It is time to start with the lounger chair which eliminates umbrella and outdoor accessories in a beach tote such as towel, sandwiches, soda, umbrella wine bottles. The complete beach lounger from Hammacher provides all the comforts to have a sun bath, watching the cascading waves of the sea, you could relax under the unique and innovative umbrella which tilts at 180 degree and rotates at 360 degrees obstructing the sun from all direction.

The insulated compartments inside armrest holds all outdoor accessories like a dozen cans of soda, many sandwiches, four wine bottles. You can keep two cups in the armrest which is very near to hands. A pocket measuring 18″ x 21″ is under the seat can accommodate things like sunscreen, towels, and reading material, as well as an adjustable pillow for the support of  neck and head, and the leg rest converts into a lap table when you need.

You can enjoy the convenience and comforts with supine support when you lay down in beach with your book which takes you to your own fantasy world. Seat and backrest enable you to breathe properly. The lounge chair is priced at $299.95. Go ahead, and stare at some bulges and butts while you are relaxing on the lounger!


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