Relax on the Ocean Bed, Thanks to Aqua Lounger Concept

There is nothing better than watching fish, they say. In fact, watching fish in aquariums could have a soothing effect on nerves and is known to reduce blood pressure and improve breathing cycles. It improves mood and has a calming influence over people.

What could be better than living in a pod yourself in the midst of the ocean, and watch all the o9cean come to life? Designer Philip J Carabello has designed the Aqua Lounger concept which is a pod that could be stationed under the ocean, on the sea bed even in places like Maldives. In such beautiful areas, it sometimes is a pity that you have to dive all the time in order to appreciate the beauty.

With a lounger like the one designed by Philip J Carabello, you could take a look at the ocean life in all its splendour. It is going to cost $100,000 when it is built and is a great way to observe and study the ocean and also make sure that you are de-stressed and calm, right in the midst of deep Blue Ocean. It is still conceptual, and when it is manufactured, make sure you get it!

Via: Coroflot

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