Cabaninha Nursery Collection By Ana Ribeiro for Infants is Chic

When an infant is born, he or she has to make adjustments to the world outside. Thus, the immediate surroundings of a baby becomes very important. An sort of trauma to the child could result in developmental delays, that could lead to pervasive developmental disorders. A wise parent would always make sure that the infant is kept in the safest and coolest place possible. There are many designer cradles for those who are affluent, and this one here is not just for the affluent, but also for those who have class. Murmur is a Portuguese design company who know what it takes to create furniture that is eco friendly, artistic and also beautiful.

The company has unveiled Cabaninha nursery collection designed by Ana Ribeiro which is meant for infants up to the age of 6 months. The legs seem to be disorganized but the thing is, the cradle is sturdy than you could ever imagine. In fact, the furniture meets the Portuguese standards of safety, and is one of the best things to buy if you asked me.

In the place where I intern, I mostly see kids who have developmental disorders. If you would like your child to stay safe and comfortable during that crucial period of growth, you might want to buy something that is safe, and also secure and artistic. What’s more, when your child grows up, the cradle can be converted in to a tiny bookshelf for toddlers. Such is the coolness of this product! So go ahead, and get it!

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