AHAlife.com Is The Online Pincode For Exclusive & Rare Luxury Products

Though the elegance of a luxury lifestyle is a dream that nearly all of us strive to realize one day, yet for those who can afford to spend money on luxuries, even for them many a times it becomes rather cumbersome and really confusing.  This is so because, even the affluent consumers find it hard to locate a rare luxury product they are most looking forward to acquire, all by themselves. This is a time when you require the assistance of professionals, who can do the searching for you and leave you only with the financial details to take care of. Steps in, AHAlife, a newly launched e-commerce website that is dedicated to finding of rare luxury goods  from a number of luxury labels from all over the globe. One of the most striking features of this all new service is its detailed product description that it sends out through its email list, where in AHAlife reflects upon the history of the product, the manufacturer and also provides information to interested buyers as to how to acquire the item.

AHAlife has curated a significant database of products ranging from luxury fashion, luxury travel, luxury accessories, luxury gadgets etc. and is now turning out to be one of the most prolific names in luxury retailers. AHAlife has been collecting and showcasing various luxury goods from a variety of sources including celebrity curators, such as the likes of Tim Gunn, Wendi Murdoch, Daniel Boulud, Bobbi Brown, Petra Nemcova, Cynthia Rowley, and Tina Brown. Also, to make the service more enticing , AHAlife is planning to introduce an incentive scheme, where in the users will be able to enjoy various free services such as free shipping and concierge services by simply promoting the products via Facebook, Twitter, blogs and e-mails. One of the most astounding products in the AHAlife’s catalog is the Croc iPad Cover ($1,599) that has been located in Florence, Tuscany and this gorgeous product is handmade on orders by traditional artisans. Another marvelous product that has really captivated the users, is the Cannes Film Festival Package ($75,000) that provides the customers with 2 Tickets to each to the 2011 Cannes Opening Ceremony and cocktail party, screening of Midnight in Paris, amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS gala, as well as an additional exclusive party of the consumers’ choosing. Also comes in the package an 8 nights stay at the luxurious Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc.

If you are looking for something to accentuate your living room’s aesthetics, then AHAlife has found just the product for you, in the form of Gold-Plated Porcelain Cups ($250). Discovered in Brooklyn, New York, these gorgeous Ecuanese Porcelain Cups come with 22kt gold artwork and have been designed by renowned designer, Lorena Barrezueta, as part of her project for the New York Public Library. AHAlife features a lot of other fabulous products that the site has curated and presented for sale, to ensure that you get the very best of luxury shopping experience, while being able to acquire what your heart so desires, as far as luxury is concerned.

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