Simmons Beautyrest Black bed Designed by Dean Rope has Swarovski Crystals on the sides

You must always go for the best when you are selecting a shoe or a bed for yourself because most of the time you are in your shoes or in your bed. And that is the reason perhaps for people becoming increasingly personal and fussy about their choices when it comes to a bed. Beds are now called luxury sleep systems and it has acquired the status of the most important piece of furniture in any home. The day is not far when this sleep system evolves into personalized sleeping solutions.

We have been reporting regularly about new, experimental, innovative and high tech beds and mattresses. The latest to come to the market is the Simmons Beautyrest Black bed, which comes adorned with Swarovski crystals and flaunts luxury fabrics. The man behind this design is Dean Rope who is an Auckland based designer. More than the technical aspect of the bed the differentiator for the luxury bed is the embellishment done with Swarovski crystals on the sides and the base of the mattress. These are handmade creations that take over 300 hours each to make.

The craftsmanship and the crystals have pushed its price up and the king size version sells for around $16,500. The technology and the materials used for the bed is all top class. It features triple woven springs, advanced memory foam, progressive latex with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and luxury alpaca fibers. The different sizes have different prices. The queen size sells for NZ $14,999, super king costs NZ $17,499 and the Californian model retails for NZ $18,499. Some extent of customization is also possible. The Harvey Norman store in New Zealand has displayed the luxury bed.

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