Travel Channel Follows Don Wildman to ‘Off Limits’ Spaces Across America

This is the crucial time of the year for TV buffs. Many of the shows would wound up the season and many new shows will kick off with a new season. There would also be some one-off series launched and you can always hope for some offbeat experimental new concepts that have not been shown on television before. The Travel Channel is premiering a new show today in the 9pm slot that follows Don Wildman, a history buff and explorer, to forbidden and unseen and hidden spaces that has some history attached to it. This is not about luxury travel but the real stuff.

The show titled ‘Off Limits’ will travel across America and the approach will be to unearth some hidden truth from our past that has not come to our notice so far. Don will also try and highlight its secret connections to our future. For this show Don will get access to places that are normally off limits for general public. He will be getting inside mega structures, crumbling mines and abandoned factories with the sole aim of unraveling the mystery and reveal it to the viewing public. He will be telling stories about clandestine meeting grounds and serpentine passageways and recreate the events that took place there.

Don will travel to a new city for each of the hour long episode. You will see him climbing mountains and crawl through tunnels to reach the truth behind some of the dirty and dangerous part of the world. He will take you to the heart of the city and also to some far flung locations. Don believes that these stories must be told before they get buried for all times. The first episode will surprise you and set the tone for the rest of the season. Don will visit a secret Nazi compound in Los Angeles for the opening episode.

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