Prince William and Kate’s Honeymoon Plans Unveiled

Update:  Will Kate Honeymoon Pictures

Newly wed royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton have made royal plans for their honeymoon. Though the destination and details of the honeymoon was kept under wraps but now it has all been revealed. According to recent reports, royal couple has already landed in picturesque Seychelles North Island resort for their 10 days of honeymoon. Prince William and Kate have wisely world’s most beautiful and exotic Fregate Island for luxurious vacation which is estimated to cost some $1m!

Seychelles is well known for beautiful sandy beaches, small islands and crystal clear water. The North Island resort is nearly 19 miles away from Victoria. The resort itself is secluded and now it is being guarded by three by three national coast guards who will certainly try to keep media at bay (pun intended). In spite of this shroud of security and secrecy reports have leaked out that royal couple has landed by private jet and they have booked into the Presidential villa which has private pool, Jacuzzi and costs $14,400 per night. Prince William and Kate Middletom will be the only guests in the entire resort which has 16 villas. Other outdoor entertainment and adventure options for royal couple include scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, hiking etc. The couple will have personal chef and butler and couple can also opt to dine in banyan tree house, nearly 60 feet above ground. Apart from resort and personal staff, the only other company for royal couple will be of 140 rare species of birds and Aldabra giant tortoises.

Though paparazzi have been kept away, one can be sure some exclusive pictures will do circulations soon. Nothing has ever remained personal and secret as far as British Royal family is concerned.


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