Will Kate Honeymoon Pictures Revealed

Will Kate Honeymoon pictures have been revealed by Woman’s Day, an Australian magazine. Just before leaving for their very romantic holiday, the media had agreed that they would not break into the privacy of Will and Kate while they were at their honeymoon at Seychelles. It’s still a question though as to why the Will Kate honeymoon pictures were revealed 15 months after their honey moon. From the pictures, it looks like the photos were taken from a telephoto lens. It has also been a clear breach of security and it is still a wonder as to how the photographers gained access to the couple’s honeymooning resort.

The pictures which show Kate in a bikini and Will relaxing in a pair of shorts has created quite a stir and outrage in the media world, especially after an accord was reached between the British media and the Clarence House not to disturb Will and Kate at their honeymoon. The Australian media’s attitude is being described as being ‘brash’ in the UK media circles. In the past, the Australian New Idea magazine also revealed that Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan.

The William Kate Honeymoon Photo Fiasco

The William Kate honeymoon photos have disturbed the media in Britain for they have always exercised restrain when it comes to publishing pictures of the royal family. Kate William honeymoon was spent at a northern island of Seychelles where they stayed in a $6000 a night bungalow which had everything from a butler to a private garden, an open bath area with a sunken bath and shower and also a Yoga pavilion. The Palace also expressed outrage over this fiasco and William and Kate are obviously upset and feel betrayed. The cover photo shows Kate in a black bikini with god detail and the Duke of Cambridge in a pair of colourful board shorts. The two are walking hand in hand on the beach. The article titled ‘Our Island Paradise’ contains some fifteen more pictures showing William and Kate in the water. The pictures have also annoyed William since he is trying very hard to protect his wife Kate from all the media frenzy, which also became a cause of his mother’s death.

William and Kate: A Pictorial timeline of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

We do not have access to all the William Kate honeymoon pictures, but since we are discussing photos we thought we will give you a journey in the lives of Kate and William through this wonderful picture collection of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate and William met at the St. Andrew’s University in Scotland in 2001 where the two were known as two very good looking friends. Relationship rumours started doing the rounds even when they were in college and soon after their graduation.

Things became serious when Kate made her presence felt at William’s graduation from the Royal Military academy in 2006.

A news of an impending engagement from the royal palace started doing the rounds as the engagement souvenirs were already available for sale.

As the relationship progressed Kate began to feel the pressures of dating a Prince when the media hounded her during her birthday in 2007. She also registered a complaint against the same.

The couple looked happy when they made an appearance at an event together but there relationship was hitting rock bottom.

The split came in spring 2007 which was officially announced but they were back again fall of the same year. Kate celebrated her royal beau’s 26th birthday with his family in 2008.

The much awaited engagement was announced in October 2010. This was the couple’s official engagement photo.

The couple began wedding preparations and Kate was also given some formal royal training while Prince Harry threw a bachelor party for his brother.

The wedding finally happened on 29th April, 2011.





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