Suitsupply Creates Cheaper Suits Matching Armani in Quality

There is a good news  for young men who hate shelling out money for fashionable suits which they are forced to wear only for professional purposes.  Formal suits have become cheaper thanks to new emerging brands like Suitsupply. Suitsupply, an Amsterdam based brand, is offering best quality suits starting with price as low as $385 and their $614 suit almost matches the quality of Armani suit worth $3,600! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Suitsupply and other brands like J. Crew have managed cut costs without compromising on quality to create awesome range of  suits with in range of $500 – $700. It is not fiction; this fact has been verified by two fashion designer experts who did blind testing of different brands. They actually found Suitsupply suit of $614 was made of same quality soft Italian fabric that is used in Armani suit, the only subtle difference was in sewing and stitching styles which certainly couldn’t defend a huge $3000 price difference between Armani and Suitsupply. It seems to be a sensible business move because even different high end brands like HMX and Hart Schaffner have witnessed growth in sales of lesser priced suits.

It is intriguing as how these brands can offer best suits at such lower price without compromising on quality? Apparently, they cut cost by selling their stuff directly online and by not involving third parties in designing, marketing and sales. They also choose store locations with lower rents. Suitsupply for instance has nearly 35 stores all over Europe and is all set to open its New York store next month. Its New York store location is on second floor with no flashy display window opening out to streets, so rent is definitely lower.

Should one read more into this growing popularity and availability of lower priced suits? Does this imply men no longer want to flaunt their most expensive Armani suit or some exquisite expensive suits like Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels Suit or World’s Most Expensive Suit? Maybe it is best not to conclude anything for there will be buyers for every brand and range of fashionable suits. Needless to add, it is heartening news that good quality suits have become affordable thanks to intelligent business, modern technology and social media.

Via Wall Street Journal

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