World’s Most Expensive Suit, on Drop of $91,447


Whether it be a wedding or a high profile party, what you wear, defines your class at the venue and subsequently determine your social status. This is where ‘Ultimate Bespoke’ comes into play, considered to be the world’s most expensive suit, this one off luxury men’s suit will not only set you back a pretty hefty amount of money, but will undoubtedly set you as the star attraction of any party or event. This highly exclusive and uber cool men’s suit has been designed and developed by leading Savile Row Tailor William Westmancott and is aimed at men who have no qualms in spending an exorbitant amount of sum on luxury. The Ultimate Bespoke is custom tailored, wherein the cloth is designed and woven exactly to the liking of the customer. The cloth for this immensely luxury suit is woven from the world’s finest, hand blended, luxury fibers, while the weaving process is accomplished entirely by hand at one of the finest traditional mills in England.

The Ultimate Bespoke carries a price tag of an eye-watering $72,000 and this is the sole reason that this most expensive suit is first created as a prototype using regular cloth. After the customer approves of the design, then the suit is fabricated in a luxury cloth. One of the astounding elements of Ultimate Bespoke is its exclusive lining that is specially commissioned and is made from pure high grade silk. To ensure that the finished suit exuberates nothing but high level of class and panache, Ultimate Bespoke is tailored by some of the most highly accomplished craftsmen in the world. As of now, this most expensive suit in the world has gained attention of rich Russians as well as Middle Eastern clients, while several orders have been place by premier football players.

According to William Westmancott,

“An ultimate bespoke suit will take 150 to 200 workshop hours of construction, with many weeks of work spent designing and weaving the cloth and linings. I wanted to use my skills and training to make something better than anything that has ever gone before. So I thought to myself, ‘If money were no object, what could I craft?’ and here it is, Ultimate Bespoke.”

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