Roland Iten Designs Limited Edition Bugatti Belt Buckle

Luxury belt buckles are not for everyone. If nothing else, the imposing price tag keeps buyers away. You might remember my post about the Mammoth Tooth and Rose Gold belt buckle from James Purdey & Sons that cost buyers £10,500. And the latest on the luxury belt buckle block is a special piece that has belt buckle maker Roland Iten collaborating with carmaker Bugatti.

The Bugatti edition belt buckle is designed to provide the perfect fit, allowing for micros-adjustments. The buckle is based on Roland Iten’s Mk.I-22mm, which promises a continually good fit, even as your waistline changes. These Roland Iten buckles are designed to ensure that the belt lasts a long time. That is definitely a plus, given that you are paying a bomb for it. The price has not been disclosed yet, but generally, Roland Iten’s belts cost upwards of $25,000.

The cost is justified if you consider the kind of materials being used. 18k white gold with 18k rose gold accents make up the belt buckle, as also steel and titanium. The buckle itself is built out of 100 separate parts. Faking this piece is not going to be easy for even the most seasoned belt buckle makers.

Moreover, this Bugatti edition belt will score high on exclusivity. Roland Iten is offering four limited edition versions in 18k white gold (22 pieces), 18k rose gold (22 pieces), steel and titanium (48 pieces) and black steel and titanium (48 pieces). The belt buckle maker will start releasing these pieces slowly and will carry on until 2014.

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