James Purdey & Sons Creates Goodies For The Male Sophisticate

This is British style at its best and there is something for every male sophisticate. British sporting brand James Purdey & Sons has come up with a range of elegant goodies that every man would love to own. To begin with, take a look at the Mammoth Tooth and Rose Gold belt buckle. This mechanical belt buckle costs a staggering £10,500. It is certainly not a bargain buy. This piece is crafted by hand and is reminiscent of bespoke guns and rifles. Inlaid within the steel and rose gold is a fossilised mammoth tooth, no less.

Next on the list is a Large Drinks Cabinet that has been crafted out of oak wood and leather. This includes fourteen classic glasses and two crystal glass decanters that have been hand-cut. The cabinet has brass corner protectors. As for the lining, it is similar to that of a Purdey gun case. Look under the lid of this £15,000 drinks cabinet for a gold-embossed leather gun case.

Trekkers would adore the Brass Compass with Leather Case that is accurate to within half a degree. Built-in Tritium light sources ensure that it remains useful even in complete darkness. This compass is built to military specifications, so don’t get taken in by its exquisite exterior. This compass is as sturdy as it gets.

Finally, there is the Coin Finished Cigar Cutter. This piece is crafted out of stainless steel of the highest grade. The coin finish refers to the traditional gun engravings that have been hand-cut into its body. This £ 1075 cigar cutter enables you to cut cigars upto ¾ inches thick.

Indeed, for male lovers of luxury, Purdey’s collection is hard to beat.

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