Bally Scribe Shoes are Hand Crafted Luxurious Masterpiece

Bally Scribe is perhaps the most luxurious footwear in the world. The quality of the material, the skill of the craftsman and the care that goes into the process of creating an exclusive pair of shoes is of such a high order that it is difficult to better it. The legendary brand was founded by Max Bally in 1951 but the Bally legacy dates back to 1859.

Max Bally is the grandson of legendary C F Bally. His company has acquired a reputation for style and comfort. The leather goods company has in its portfolio luxury apparels as well but the shoes remain by far the most luxurious. The Scribe line has recently introduced a bespoke offering. It is again a custom made offering that has been created in the Scribe Line’s style but has taken the comfort to an extraordinary new level.

Since the shoes are custom made, the customers have the option of choosing from an astonishing array of colors, styles and materials to make their quality footwear. Great care is taken while creating every Scribe shoe. Multiple stitching is employed to ensure longevity. The materials used are always natural. Cork is sometimes used for soles and the leather options are put together with precision, skill and care to create a luxurious masterpiece.


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