Touchscape Multi-Touch Table with a 47 Inch Display Hopes to Find Business and Educational Applications

Multi-touch tables have found useful applications in medicine and exhibitions. Touchscape wants to widen its horizons and it is possible to see one while you take a coffee break. The company has patented the multi-touch technology and using it to create Touchscape Multi-Touch Table with a 47 inch display that delivers full 1080p high definition touch screen interactivity. They hope to find applications in one on one business presentations, student/teacher learning collaboration, sharing photo or video collections or unique gaming applications.

The smart table is made from high density acrylic that gives it the look of IT hardware more than furniture. At the heart of the table is a 3.4GHz quad-core Phenon processor which provides the power needed to run the system, with able support from 4GB of memory. The table also boasts of 180 GB of storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet, and a possible 3G option. The top coating of the table is scratch resistant and replaceable. You can use it as a normal table when the display is not in use.

The dimension of the table is 51x35x19 inch. It weighs 132 pounds and has the 8-bit microprocessor controlled technology that is capable of keeping up with thousands of interaction points every second. The light sensors in the table are capable of adjusting the display according to background lighting conditions. Custom versions of the table can be created for specific needs. You will have to contact the company directly for pricing.

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