Golden Jubilee Comes Up For The Jaguar E-Type

The “most beautiful car in the world” is turning 50 this year. The “birthday car” in question is the legendary Jaguar E-Type. Car enthusiasts across the world invariably have their favourite E-Type model, and that is pure testimony to the appeal of this hugely popular automobile.

The Jaguar E-Type had gained much notoriety for being a female magnet in the 1960s. In fact, that was the car’s whole appeal. It was a fantastic looking car that was sure to bring attention from the ladies. Is it any wonder that American auto writer Henry Manney III once described it as “The greatest crumpet-catcher known to man”? The Jaguar E-Type got its “most beautiful car in the world” tag from no less than Enzo Ferrari.

The Jaguar E-Type made its first public appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961. Since then, the car reached one milestone after another. For a luxury car, it sold like hot cakes. Between its launch in 1961 to 1975, 70,000 units of the car had been sold. One of the reasons could be that even in the luxury segment, the Jaguar E-Type was comparatively affordable. Some units can be sourced for a little over €26,000. However, the flashier racer versions like the FIA GTS 10 racer tend to command much higher, six-figure sums.

As the iconic Jaguar E-Type gets ready to celebrate its golden jubilee, British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Cars is planning major celebrations. And the celebrations are not likely to be confined within the United Kingdom alone.

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