Audi Rekindles The Luxury Flame With New Super Bowl Advertisement

One of the biggest names in luxury automobiles, Audi, has now brought about the rebirth of luxury in its advertising campaign, with the introduction of an all new commercial designed to be run during the Super Bowl 2011 championships. With this new advertisement, Audi has now fallen back on to its traditional emphasis on luxury. For some time now this German luxury car manufacturer had been apprising the consumers and public in general as to the technical marvels and advancements made in the field of automobile technology. However, with this new advertisement, Audi is publicizing the immense luxury and comfort that comes with an Audi branded sedan.

The all new Super Bowl commercial for Audi has been designed and developed by Venables Bell & Partners, an advertising agency based in San Francisco and the entire advertisement is inspired from the children’s book ‘Goodnight Moon’. The commercial shows a massive villa and takes the audience through a number of grand rooms and shows the unbound luxury that epitomizes an Audi automobile. This advertisement is not only the resurrection of Audi’s luxurious reputation, but is also directly aimed at undermining another major German auto manufacturer, Mercedes Benz.

Via Autoblog

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