Marina Housing of Finland Develops Floating Pleasure Islands

Marina Housing, a company based in Espoo, Finland, specializes in developing floating housing areas and other floating structures. They have used their expertise to develop Floating Pleasure islands. The rich love to vacation on an island. Some have even bought small islands and developed them as vacation residences. The new concept of the floating island will make the relaxing resort-style experience richer and more personalized.

The islands developed by Marina Housing will be anchored to the seabed with seaflex rubber cable anchors. These islands do not interfere with the water currents and rise and fall with the water level. At the same time the structures are very stable due to their heavy duty eps-filled concrete platform. Marina Housing has perfected the technology to create stable floating structures that serve their purpose under difficult conditions.

The design of the floating island provides for mooring place for six tenders or small boats that would be used to reach the island. There are alternate designs for proposed islands which can even dock a 60-foot yacht for easy accessibility. There is no doubt that the concept has a lot of potential to become a commercial success. The rich love concepts like this and are willing to pay very large sums for customized, personalized pleasure experience.

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