CES 2011: emPower Electronic Glasses Bids a Goodbye to Tedious Bi-Focals

There is something about eyewear that Tech giants are enamored about in this year’s CES. First the instant camera company, Polaroid, with Lady Gaga unveiled their camera glasses and now PixelOptics doled out world’s first electronic focusing lens, emPower electronic glasses.

Naah, these aren’t packed up with some supernatural vision. It is just that these deliver better, less blurry vision. These are activated by a press of button and the liquid crystal electronic lens focuses to the user’s prescription thus giving the wearer a clear crisp view of the world.

The emPower electronic glasses are made up of composite lenses with a thin transparent LCD-like layer, microchips, micro-machine accelerometers and miniature rechargeable batteries. These hi-tech glasses are poised to smoothly replace their bi-focal counterparts that are painstakingly worn on the tip of the nose. With these you’d be able to look up and down as much as you like and the switch will be a breeze. It will hit the retail shelves in the month of April 2011 for a steep price of $1200. It will ship with frames, lenses, coatings, and charger.

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  • I always wondered if this kind of technology was possible. Maybe after the price drops a bit and they come out with some more stylish frames I’ll go back to wearing glasses.

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