Wider is a Performance Yacht that Transforms into Wide Beamed Platform

Wider is the brainchild of Tilli Antonelli who founded Pershing Yachts in the early 1980s. The Wider 42 is a new style of yacht for those who not only love to be on the water, but in it as well. In motion, the 42 looks like a futuristic performance yacht, with a cabin in the bow area and a Jet Ski positioned in its own cradle at the stern. It will develop a category of its own, that of a fast boats that can be transformed into wide-beamed platforms for snorkelers, scuba divers, and sunbathers.

The boat is called Wider because of its extraordinary large side sections of the hull or extensions that fold hydraulically outward. It creates a much wider platform. Wider is already planning the launch of models in 35 and 50 feet lengths. The Wider 42’s 162-square-foot cockpit is virtually unheard of for a boat this size. So is the 20-foot beam the full-extension configuration creates.

The 42 will reach speeds of 45 knots with its 370-horsepower engines. The stepped hull, also found on many race boats, adds another layer of efficiency to the 42’s performance. Mark Wilson, yacht designer Fulvio de Simoni and Tilli Antonelli have together created this unique , unusual and versatile boat.

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