Carolyn Z Seems Like a Great Choice for Paradise Hunter

What could be a better job than travelling around the world and getting to explore exotic destinations? Well, none perhaps. Carolyn Z is a lawyer, who has entered the Paradise Hunter TV Host competition and hopes to make it to get the job. She has worked as an attorney in Miami, New York and London, and has been a writer, producer, model and TV Host as well.

She now has decided to concentrate on the only passion in her life: to host a TV travel show. She has founded the “When in Roam” which is a philanthropic organization and sure knows how to lead a charitable life. O2 Media, The Beach Channel TV, DirecTV, M Network, and R&R Network are some of the channels where she has worked or appeared.

In order for her to get the job, you the readers will have to vote for her! A little birdie sent us an email requesting us to help her get some attention. She is a versatile and experienced professional, and she might do a great job in bringing the exotic locations right down to your TV screen. If you think she is good enough, you should go ahead and vote for her! Check out her profile!

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