The First Armani Hotel in Dubai has the Master’s Touch Everywhere

In the context of Dubai even Giorgio Armani can become understated. And why not, when bars with multicolor fluorescent ceilings are considered classy in Dubai the hotel designed by the fashion designer in the world’s tallest building is being considered understated. The first in a series of Armani-branded resorts and residences opened in Dubai in April 2010.

The hotel is located in the first eight floors of the 2,717-foot tall Burj Khalifa and includes 160 guest rooms and suites. Armani has consciously kept it rich and sober. The hallways are clean and bare, with smooth wood-paneled walls and back lit floors meant to evoke a catwalk. The fabrics used in the rooms are sumptuous but mostly in earthy tones. The fabrics used for the curtains are good enough to find their way in to an Armani blazer.

You can see the hand of Armani everywhere in the hotel as he has designed practically everything in the hotel including the furniture and every detail of the room. The service of the hotel is also very personalized. There are a total of 32 “lifestyle managers” in the hotel and every guest is assigned to a manager who looks after his every need. The total of 500-person staff is meant to ensure a near one-to-one host-to-guest ratio when the hotel is at or near capacity.

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