Burberry To Livestream its Upcoming Fashion Show through “Retail Theatres”

Day in and out, consumers are bombarded with aggressive advertising Frisbees with only some being able to leave an impact. Burberry’s recent marketing strategy of “Retail Theatre” defines a new horizon when speaking of making potential customers acquainted with the brand’s exquisite collection. The concept means that their existing outlets can temporarily double up as theatres. This would allow them to broadcast their fashion shows in a customer-gripping environment.

Burberry’ innovative concept will first see the light of the implementation on September 21 to livestream its Spring Summer 2011 womenswear show in 25 flagship stores worldwide. Premium customers will be invited to a series of in-store events through means of a digital invitation featuring a personal message from the creative head honcho of Burberry, Christopher Bailey.

The private viewing of the show would be followed by an option to explore the collection on iPad with the help of a custom-built Burberry App. A Fashion brand with its own own iPhone/iPad App?! That’s new!  This working concept is the result of Burberry’s efforts of several months which aimed at creating a technology that would enable streaming of the brand’s content directly from its global headquarters into various consumer-oriented environments like stores and multiple devices.

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