DoDo Bassinet: An egg shaped bassinet to keep your baby safe and comfortable

I have to admit that this is one of the most interesting design for bassinets I have seen. Infact most of the bassinets that I have seen are pretty conventional. So this DoDo Bassinet I guess plays on the idea of the baby being inside the “egg”. It has achieved that pretty well and the outcome is quite lovely. Made from natural silk and fine wood, this bassinet has a creamy white complexion that looks very serene.

The shape as you can very well se is that of an egg opened from above. But these people have not compromised on the shape that would be comfortable for the bay to lie in or for the mother to keep the baby safe and take out easily at the same time. A bassinet is a very important place for an infact. It is the time when the baby is used to being very lose to his or her mother.

So a bassinet should try and replicate that kind of comfort. And this bassinet will definitely act as a safe cocoon for your baby. Plus the 360-degree turning wheels will allow you to carry the baby around quite easily. All in all a great bassinet and might be a great conversation starter as well.

Via: TrendHunter , BabySuommo

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